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all images edited by myself. Disclaimer: I did not take the photographs - I just edited them. so if you recognize an image as one your own, please let me lnow so I can credit you!
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Science And Faith - The Script

Science And Faith - The Script

Just Wanna Rock N Roll - Rodney Atkins

Just Wanna Rock N Roll - Rodney Atkins

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Red - Taylor Swift

Red - Taylor Swift

Example - Watch The Sun Come Up

Example - Watch The Sun Come Up

Good Charlotte - I Don’t Wanna Be In Love

Good Charlotte - I Don’t Wanna Be In Love

greetings & updates

Sep 16th at 6PM / 0 notes

hello there all! :) I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is catherine and I am the new member of this blog! I am super excited, and hopefully we will be back to up and running very very soon!! That means you should feel free to send in requests! :) And as always thank you to everyone so incredibly much for following! 


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Hello everyone,
Im so sorry that ive barely posted on this blog but i just dont have the time to anymore.

If anyone is interested in taking it off my hands and taking it over then please write in my ask and let me know otherwise im just going to delete it.

so yeah,
thank you to everyone that has followed this blog, and for all the support and the many requests that have been sent in.
I have too much going on right not to give this blog the time it deserves, so please let me know if you are interested.

Natalie xo

Mar 6th at 3PM / 0 notes

I have neglected this blog so badly lately, and i can not apologise enough for it.
ive just been so busy and i have so much deadlines, that im constantly swamped. Although it may seem like it, i havent given up on this blog yet - but please bear with me!

As always, feel free to continue sending requests if you’d like to!
& i will get to them as soon as i can!

Thank you for following

Shameful Self-Plug

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Adele - One & Only

Adele - One & Only